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AHPRA Registered Pharmacists Only. Online Interview.

Anthony's Story

Key Points of Interest

  • What is it like to transition to direct patient care?
  • What is it like working with the founders?
  • What impact can I hope to make at Scripts for You?

Tammy's Story

Key Points of Interest

  • What it felt like to work in a cold, dull, and impersonal workplace
  • What is the workflow like working with patients at Scripts for You?
  • What can you achieve in your first year at Scripts for You?

World Pharmacists Day


Key Points of Interest

  • Full-Time (38 hours/week)
  • Equal share of morning, evening and Saturday hours
  • Equal responsibilities across dispensary, compounding and other professional services

Meet Our Team

Who is behind Scripts for You?

In 2016, Robert and his wife Amanda (also a pharmacist) founded Scripts for You in Somerville, Victoria. It is a new pharmacy brand that provides each patient with a personalised pharmacy experience through a fusion of smart technology, and old fashioned patient-centred care.

Amanda Sztar BPharm (Hons) MPharmS AACP

Amanda (AKA 'Pharmamum') is a pharmacist who specialises in helping first-time mums find health solutions that leave them feeling confident that they can look after their children’s health and wellbeing. She has been in the pharmacy industry for 20 years, practising both in Australia and the UK, and with Robert have 2 beautiful girls of their own.

Robert Sztar BPharm MPS MPharmS

Robert is a 2nd generation pharmacist and pharmacy owner whose mission is to help pharmacists develop closer, more meaningful patient relationships through better utilisation of smart technology. He is the host of the world’s #1 Pharmacy & Technology Podcast show, the ‘Transpharmation Show’, Editor-in-Chief of ‘Transpharmation’ Magazine, and the author of ‘Transpharmation’ the definitive guide for any pharmacist wanting to learn how to integrate technology into their pharmacy practice effectively.

Anthony Luong BPharm (Hons) MPS

Anthony is a community pharmacist who finds it most rewarding when connecting with people and helping them become empowered to make better health decisions.

Tammy Choo BPharm (Hons) MPS

Tammy is a young pharmacist passionate about her work and the positive impact on the people she meets every day of her working life.  

Our Pharmacists

AHPRA Registered Pharmacists Only. Online Interview.

Why should I work with you?

Scripts for You Impact

Make an impact.

You’ll be joining a vibrant community of like-minded health professionals (including doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, dieticians, diabetes educators etc.) where you are treated as an equal.  

Scripts for You Culture

No BS.

We have strong high performance culture. 

No gossip. 

No politics. 

Direct feedback 

Scripts for You Founder

Be part of the journey

We believe we’re building something special at ‘Scripts for You’ and you’ll be joining our foundation team

Scripts for You Driving Time

Cruise control all the way.

You’ll never be stuck in bumper to bumper traffic again.

Everyday is different.

Our ‘flat’ pharmacist management system means you’ll experience a variety of roles covering Compounding, Medication Management Programs, and Professional Services.

The next big thing. 

We’re at the forefront of integrating world leading technology into best practice pharmaceutical care. 

From Robots to Artificial Intelligence your ‘Ironman (or Ironwoman)’ suit will help take your pharmacy practice to the next level.

Be your best.

Mentoring and coaching will challenge you to continually grow and develop into the best pharmacist you can be.

There's always a better way.

We believe there's never been a better time to challenge the status quo of what's possible as a pharmacist in the 21st century.

AHPRA Registered Pharmacists Only. Online Interview.

What are the qualities we're looking for and admire?

Being a Self-Starter

You can work effectively on your own with minimal supervision.

Kind Hearted

You treat each patient as though they were part of your own family. 


You don't let the team down. 

Our motto is: "Stand Up Show Up and Never Give Up!" 

Strong Attention to Detail.

You listen closely and focus on serving each patient as though they were your only patient today.

Growth Mindset

You're either 'green and growing' or 'ripe and rotting'.

Learning is a life-long journey.

Problem Solver 

You do what others don't or won't to achieve the best outcome for your patients.


You view challenges or failure as a new learning opportunity a don't sweat the small stuff.

Tech Savvy.

You believe that the boundaries of what technology can do to create deeper more meaningful patient relationships are there to be challenged every day. 

AHPRA Registered Pharmacists Only. Online Interview.

Not a Pharmacist? We have the following upcoming roles:


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